This page is for everyone (be it young, middle aged or old) who want to get the best out of life no matter what is your current position…..


If we don’t change our daily habits then we shall not be able to change our present chapter of life and move to the next….. there are lots of chapter still to be read, discovered and experienced in life….Life is a great book and we don’t want to die with the book of life still to be read…..


We just need to find the true passion of our life and achieve it…. what if we don’t know the true passion and still be in double minds to find it… I will convey the habits of successful people which will help us to discover the true meaning of life and find our true passion no matter what we are doing and reach the truest satisfaction in life so that we don’t die with still music in our hearts…


And does this journey needs to be boring and full of stress and tension… I don’t think so… as it is our passion and should be all fun to do it… so be with me as we together overcome the greatest obstacle in our life and it is “Me”… the world is waiting to be conquered and we are ready for it… Lets work together to win it…About04

19 thoughts on “About

  1. An interesting About page, Ayan. It’s made me want to know more about what your posts are about! I’m wondering how you address issues like finding the true passion of our life and overcoming the greatest obstacle in our life (me). I’m sure I’ll enjoy finding out.


  2. Hello thanks for the like and follow. I really appreciate it . I think your book is what I badly needed right now. Love your advice, ” let your passion follow you”. This is truly magnificent word not the other way around.


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