How to be better at your Job ?


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Any sort of Skill building requires Practice. Practice make a man perfect. However it rarely happens in management. Your job as a manger will require certain work like setting budget, planning, goal setting, team building, motivating when someone is not able to perform, negotiating with customers and suppliers etc. Most of the managerial work is unorganized and infrequent. May be a manager might have to wait for years before he is again engaged for a new product launch at the organization.

So what is the most frequently used work ? It is Sales. In one experiment, the sales department formed teams consisting of high performers and pitched them with low performers. The teams were rated on a daily basis and charts were drawn. Gradually the high performers started to coach the low performers and taught them the tricks of the trade. They would rehearse and then after completing the process would be given feedback on what went right and what not. Gradually all the members started to contribute and the sales of the organization went high and broke all previous records. Therefore, role playing, feedback and repetition are the key and these all makes it Practice.

Similarly in another organization where they were facing problems in on time delivery started to get all on board for an experiment. The company was in serious trouble as their on time delivery rate was only 20% and the customers were on the lookout for other competitors who were not good on quality but were very good on time. The Management of the company formed a task force from all the levels of the company right from the top to the shop floor. The teams then guided their respective departments and made them practice what was required from them. However the Management was careful to tell everyone that this was an experiment and that none would be judged and neither it would be taken as a benchmark. On the week of the experiment everyone tried their bit and tried to be on time. They achieved 100% on time delivery on the first week itself. The success continued as people became more familiar with what was wanted from them and practiced it over and over again. From that onward the company has never been below 90% on time delivery.

Thus to benefit most from practice in your organization, you’ll want to focus on tasks that can be tested quickly, that provide immediate results data, and that can be repeated and repeated. That’s where you’ll see exponential gains.


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